Peakpoints Loyalty Programme

What is Peakpoints?

Be part of a global loyalty programme that offers you almost 450 hotels in 250 destinations and collect points for your stay: Anywhere, anytime, on getaways, family holidays or business trips. With award winning hotels in locations that inspire, earning points is just part of your journey.

How to register?

Join our Peakpoints loyalty programme free of charge. Sign up now and start earning right away. It only takes a few minutes and you’ll immediately receive 300 welcome points and complimentary global travel emergency services for 12 months with Peakpoints TravelSure

Peakpoints TravelSure

TravelSure is an extended benefit available exclusively for Peakpoints members providing global medical, legal and expedited transportation services while travelling away from home.

With the Peakpoints TravelSure, you'll profit from a free Travel Emergency Service for 12 months.

The service powered by Global Emergency Travel Services provides you with emergency support during your travels. In addition to regular advantages you receive benefits such as visits by family members or friends in case of hospitalization, rental vehicle return and many more while traveling anywhere and anytime around the world.

Peakpoints Member Benefits

Points add up fast: Search and find a unique hotel, book a room, go and earn 2 points for every € spent on your room.

Earn more with the elite levels.

  • Silver +10% points
  • Gold +25% points
  • Navigator +50% points

Use Peakpoints to Enhance Your Stay

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